It always gives me pleasure to answer inquiries about the validity of Life Insurance Settlements. The three initial and most commonly asked questions are the following… Is this something new? Is this like a reverse mortgage? Is this legal? The answer to all these questions is in the following explanation.

On December 4, 1911, in Washington DC, the Supreme Court of the United States deemed that a life insurance policy is an asset of value that can be sold in the secondary marketplace.

The decision was based on the Supreme Court case # 53 of Grigsby v Russell* and the opinion was delivered from an old Justice in town… none-other than Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Life insurance has become in our days one of the best recognized forms of investment
In his opinion Holmes wrote…"Life insurance has become in our days one of the best recognized forms of investment and self-compelled savings. So far as reasonable safety permits, it is desirable to give life policies the ordinary characteristics of property."

Since that time, not much had transpired along the lines of selling a life insurance policy until the late 1980's when AIDS and the HIV Virus broke out.

The life insurance industry made an unparalleled decision to help those who were diagnosed with the disease and introduced a game changing program called a "Viatical" giving those with this disease an opportunity to sell a major portion of their life insurance policy death benefit to help defray the cost of expensive treatments and to provide them with hope and to extend their life expectancy. The Viatical proved to be hugely successful and helped so many afflicted with this terminal illness. Add to that and kudos to the medical research scientists who worked tirelessly to create a cure and treatment. By the early nineties the death rate from AIDS and HIV began to drop precipitously and today the disease is now medically controlled and not considered a terminal illness. This phenomenal success from both the Insurance and Medical Industries miraculously helped those diagnosed with this scourge.

Additionally in the early 1990's the Insurance industry concluded they could offer a similar option to seniors to help them with their long-term care needs and costly medical treatments. Actually, this is when The Life Insurance Settlement industry was born and has since become a potential financial option for seniors who own a life Insurance policy to seriously consider.
Today when I speak to seniors who ask me those same three questions, I proudly relate the history and evolution of how a Life Insurance policy became a legal asset that could be sold to the highest bidder and was decided by who I affectionately refer to as the old Justice…Justice Holmes

Much has transpired since the early 90's that I will be happy to inform you about in my upcoming blogs. In the meantime, if you wish to learn more, visit and click on the life settlements page. If you scroll halfway down the page, you'll notice a short, animated video that simply explains a Life Insurance Settlement and is perfect to show your family, loved ones, senior friends and clients.

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