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They have arrived and the marketplace is literally booming with services for the ubiquitous Baby Boomers vying to fulfill their needs now and in the coming years ahead. They are now the Esteemed Seasoned Gentry and a distinctive generation of our national  population.
For many Boomers, their cost-of-living situation is becoming a challenge as they realize they may outlive their financial resources. Not all seniors have retirement portfolios. Many live modestly on Social Security.

Because of our national debt, inflation is projected to be here for a while and many people, especially seniors, are feeling the pinch to their monthly budget. Buying extras and splurging at the grocery store is not a regular occurrence as it once was. Seniors have discovered their budget dollars are not stretching to cover monthly obligations and important health care needs. Therefore, they are cutting back and letting bills go unpaid. One of the bills often let go is the monthly premium of their Life Insurance policy. Obviously, they are not aware that their life insurance policy could be a cushion of cash that is stuck away in an old file. According to recent surveys, about 90% of seniors are not informed that a Life Insurance Policy is an asset that may be sold for cash that could make a difference and improve their quality of life.
If you are 65 years old and have a policy of $100,000 or more, you may qualify for this extraordinary financial option called a Life Insurance Settlement.

Many ask is this a gimmick? Is this legal? The answer to those questions will surprise you. Check the December 2023 blog... From An Old Justice In Town.

Indeed, a life insurance policy can be sold and is a legal transaction. Plus, it is also highly regulated by the Life Insurance Industry.
There is more good news…it doesn’t cost you a dime out of pocket to find out how much your policy is worth. Additionally, we have a wealth of information with case studies that we are happy to share with you.

Curious to learn more? View a simple explanation from a short, animated video, perfect for seniors and their loved ones.

We are licensed to work in all states and are affiliated with a successful brokerage life settlement firm, established in 1993, that consists of a vast pool of buyers and investors who buy Life Insurance Policies.
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