Seniors Trying To Make Ends Meet
Taking from Peter to pay Paul.

Are you currently a senior discovering how rising prices are taking a bite out of your monthly budget? Perhaps you are considering thinking about cutting back on your monthly obligations… even thinking about letting go or lapsing your premium payments of your life policy. After all the years planning for your retirement and now in your “Golden Years” you may have to make sacrifices and resort to cutting back. You are not alone, like millions of seniors on a fixed income, you may have to make choices. Word of caution! Don’t let your life insurance policy premium lapse until you find out what it’s worth on the secondary market. Did you know that a life policy can be sold for a one-time cash settlement, even a term life policy with a conversion feature? This is true!
You may have found a goldmine you never knew you had. Perhaps tucked away in a drawer or a file. The good news is, selling a life Insurance policy is like selling any other asset. There’s a buyer and a seller. It’s that easy! Just imagine when the papers are signed, and the ink is dry and the money is in your bank …this money never has to be repaid. This is a cash settlement that has no strings attached or stipulations. It’s found money that could provide you with financial peace of mind for your retirement, Long Term Care, or whatever else you want to do with it, maybe to buy that RV.
This extraordinary opportunity is offered to seniors age 65 or older for life policies with a minimum face amount of 100 thousand dollars. By all means, don’t surrender the policy to the issuing insurance company for a far lesser amount or don’t let the policy lapse by not continuing to make payments before you find out how much an interested buyer will offer you for it. Letting your policy lapse is like throwing money in the trash. That may sound crazy, but most uninformed policyholders do exactly that… especially after all those years of diligently making their premium payments every single month. Don’t be uninformed and find out the true value of your Life Insurance Policy.
If you wish to find out the fair market value of your life policy on the secondary market, I would be more than happy to guide you through the simple process with absolutely with no out of pocket costs to you. We are here to assist you to receive the highest and best offer for your life Insurance Policy.

For friendly conversation, contact Joyce Bidwell at Bidwell Life Settlements. We are affiliated with a successful and well-established Life Settlement brokerage firm licensed to provide Life Insurance Settlements nationwide dating back to 1993.

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