Seniors Discover Treasure Hidden in a Drawer

Unwanted life insurance policies can now be sold on the secondary market, often for far greater than the policy's cash surrender value.
Many seniors are realizing they have a hidden asset stuck away in a drawer. Insurance policies may have substantial value that they can sell and receive a lump sum cash settlement. Policy holders continue to pay the premiums until settlement is final. As a licensed agent with Life Insurance Settlements, Joyce Bidwell says, “Life circumstances change, and the reasons people bought the insurance in the first place may no longer apply now."

Seniors especially may have a dire need to access money for medical reasons, pay assisted living expenses, or to simply eliminate high monthly premium payments. Also, a life insurance settlement doesn't need to be repaid. Ms. Bidwell says, “It's like found money. We introduce a policy holder to one of the largest pools of potential buyers for life policies. Moreover, there's no cost to the policy holder to get an appraisal and a settlement offer, which they can accept or reject."

Life Insurance Settlements Inc, is one of the nation's most experienced life settlement brokerage firms, licensed in all 50 states. For seniors who own an existing life insurance policy with face values starting at $100,000 for Whole Life, Term Life with a conversion feature, or a Universal Life policy, the process is easy. The seller submits a simple application and a copy of the insurance policy to Life Insurance Settlements Inc for a free evaluation and appraisal.

For more information or to learn how to get started, interested parties should contact Joyce Bidwell at 505-702-3699 and visit her website
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