Settle for More!!
with a life insurance settlement…
If you are a senior and own a life insurance policy, you may have an extraordinary financial option to sell your policy for a lump sum cash settlement.

Without a doubt, times have changed for seniors and selling a life policy can make a difference to enhance their quality of life, especially with costly long term care and other treatment needs.

Bidwell Life Settlements is licensed to help seniors get the highest offers for their policy with our vast pool of life insurance policy buyers.

There is no cost for the senior to discover what a buyer will offer you for your policy. You will receive a free, no cost, non binary appraisal. Moreover, you can receive more than one offer to choose from.

A life insurance settlement is a simple and straight forward buy-sell transaction. done.
Example: Let's say you have a 1976, 2002, BMW in mint condition sitting in your garage. Over the years, you have enjoyed owning it. Around the age of 75, most seniors start to think about downsizing. The garage is full of clutter and the old Beemer is now relegated to the unneeded and unwanted list. However, it's not junk but a tangible asset with value that could be sold on the open market. So, you make the decision to put an ad in an automotive listing publication. A potential buyer calls. He comes out to inspect the car and then makes you an offer. You accept the offer and write up a sales agreement and you both sign it. The buyer brings you a certfied check and you give him the keys and the title to the done.
Basically, a life insurance settlement goes through a similar process. There are no aftershocks, rules or stipulations to follow, It's a legal, final and an easy transaction.

A car is a tangible asset. An insurance policy is also an asset … not a few pieces of paper sitting in an old file. It could have intrinsic value that can be sold. Don't you think you owe it to yourself to find out how much it's worth?

Don't settle for less by surrendering your policy to the issuing insurance company, or letting it lapse by not making your premium payments. Settle for more by selling it for a lump sum cash deposit.

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