A Life Settlement is a win-win-win…

In 1911 Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes on the United States Supreme Court decided that a life insurance policy was an asset of intrinsic value that could be sold on the secondary market. Now, let's fast forward more than 100 years and see how that decision helps seniors in 2024. In the early 1990's the life Insurance industry provided seniors the option to sell their insurance policy on the open market to the highest bidder. Basically, that is when the Life Insurance Settlement industry was born.

As a senior and having worked with fellow seniors for many years, I know firsthand that trust is number one to them especially when it comes to anything financial. They don't want to be fast-talked with hype and grandiose promises. Though I must say, I'm always amazed in this day and age how many seniors have never heard of a life insurance settlement and is why before I do anything else I try to educate them about the history along with insurance regulatory requirements and then show them how they could benefit without any out-of-pocket cost to them to find out the true market value of their life policy. And most of all let them know this is not loan. A Life Settlement is basically found money that doesn't need to be repaid.
The following are a few examples explaining how seniors and others benefit from a Life Settlement.

  • A Senior's Lifestyle Changes with age. It's a fact that aging brings changes to the majority of seniors as their lifestyle and priorities change remarkably. Many discover they no longer need the original insurance policy they once purchased while they were raising a family. Now, they have an option to sell their life policy for cash settlement, that is on average five times or more, than the cash surrender value (CSV) of the policy they would receive from the insurance company that issued the policy.
  • Cost of living increases, including premiums payments may have become burdensome and unaffordable, especially during inflationary times and living on a fixed income that could cause seniors to consider lapsing their policy to make ends meet. They should not lapse their policy before finding out the true market value of their policy. It is estimated that in 2022 life settlement consumers as a whole received $638 million more from a life settlement than they would have received if their life Insurance policy had lapsed or had been surrendered. Additionally, a recent survey showed that 90% of seniors who lapsed a policy would have considered a life settlement had they known of the option.
  • Can a Term Policy with a conversion feature be considered for a life settlement? I love answering this question…YES! Seniors 65 years and older and policy owners of a convertible term life policy can receive a lump sum payment for their expiring term policy. A term policy with a conversion feature is one of the most sought-after policies from life policy buyers. Even though there is no cash value on a term policy, an investor will buy them and convert them to a new policy. We have many case studies regarding convertible term life settlements.
  • Dementia & Alzheimer's family members and caregivers all benefit from this financial windfall to provide the much-needed cash infusion to not only assist with ongoing expenses and long term care, but also provide a stress, tension and pressure reliever to loved ones and caregivers.
  • Key Man Life Insurance policies from retiring business owners can be sold. Thus, adding to the business net sale proceeds and greatly benefiting the exiting business owner who is retiring.
  • The insurance company and insurer of the policy is a benefactor. They profit from a continuing revenue stream of premium payments from new buyers of old policies.

  • Another benefactor of a Life Settlement is the Senior Advisor who informs their senior client about a Life Insurance Settlement. Seniors like to know they are being well taken care of by their trusted advisors and of course, happy clients bring future business from referred clients to the advisor

What is the next step required to apply for a Life Settlement you ask?

There are only two requirements for a Life Insurance Settlement.

1.) The policyholder should be 65 years old,
2.) and own a life Insurance policy of $100,000 or more.

However, If the policyholder is younger than 65 and has been diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness, age is not a factor, and they could qualify for a Viatical that we also provide as well.

To learn more, visit and click on the Life settlements page. Then scroll down to a short animated video that simply explains a Life Insurance Settlement.

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